Species name Pericyma cruegeri (Butler, 1886) ホウオウボククチバ
Homoptera cruegeri Butler, 1886
Pericyma cruegeri Butler; Holloway, 1976
Geographical range Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo, Philippines, New Guinea, Queensland
Records have been frequent over an altitude range from the lowlands to 1930m, perhaps more so in montane forests.
Distribution map
Biology Host plants noted by Robinson et al. are mostly Leguminosae (Acacia Caesalpinia, Delonix, Peltophorum) but also include Nephelium (Kuroko&Lewvanichi, 1993). The species is known widely as a pest of Delonix regia, a frequently planted shade tree. Reddy et al (1985) referred to complete defoliation by cruegeri, the larvae wholly or partly stripping the leaflets from the compound leaves. Pupation was in cocoons enclosed within the leaflets. Common also recorded Delonix and Peltophorum as hosts in Australasia.
References The Moths of Borneo Part 15&16 page 105; Moths of Thailand Part 3 page93